Resources on Mac Vs Vista

I knew about Vista's resource consumption, but what could be more demonstrative than an image?

Definitely not knowing what to say. They already say it, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Source | We are Mac 

Playing with the iPhone

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of games on the iPhone, but has anyone wondered what it would be like? It seems that someone did, they let their imagination fly and as a result left a video on YouTube.

It's not bad at all, but we will have to wait to see the reality.

Source | We are Mac

The 25 outstanding PageRank

Google PageRank is simply the algorithm that the Internet search engine uses to show the relevance of a web page, using a scoring scale that goes from 0 to 10, but it is known that it is difficult to find sites with a score greater than 7.

That is why the Google Blogoscoped blog publishes a list with a group of 25 pages (very little for the size of the Internet) that have reached a score greater than 7. In it we find sites like Google, Adobe, Real, you can see the list complete .

Source | The Inquirer

iPhone: $400 million in free advertising

Incredibly, some 200,000 blogs registered by Technorati spoke about the iPhone announcement, broadcast during the Oscars. Even other media such as television and newspapers give up on Apple's advertising machinery.

According to David Yoffie (a Harvard Business professor), about $400 million in free advertising has already been generated , something that stands out for being unprecedented.

Source | Applesphere

The new English ads for “Get a Mac”

I really prefer the classics, and I think I'm not the only one because they say that Get a Mac ads don't work as expected in England. Anyway, Apple offers three more of these well-known commercials.


naughty steps


Source | TUAW

Email remover antivirus

Curious indeed, an antivirus is supposed to protect your PC from those threats that can affect different parts of our equipment, and of course we don't like it when e-mails are not deleted unless they are spam. Well, apparently, this “small” defect is caused by Live OneCare, and Microsoft itself admits it.

Some users have reported the disappearance of their Outlook and Outlook Express emails, and they are certainly very unhappy. In a forum someone said: “Is there a chance to recover them? If not, OneCare will have done more damage than any virus in my 30 years of computing.” Fortunately for some, they can be recovered in cases where the .dbx and .pst files are quarantined by the antivirus.

What is even more striking is that this type of problem had appeared and was corrected in version 1.0, then it did not appear in the beta, but it did appear in the final version 1.5.

Nothing more than bad news for Microsoft and its antivirus, there have already been many other criticisms such as not protecting Windows Vista from malware, and adding that it recently failed to obtain certification in an independent test of security products.

Source | Windows X's Shrine

DirectX9 Vs DirectX10

It is known that Microsoft's strong side is games, and of course when someone has a strong side it should be taken advantage of. That's exactly what they did, which will surely win gamers over to Windows Vista.

This is its gaming technology noticeably improved from version 9 to 10, as we can see in the images below.





It must be admitted, the graphics are much more detailed, it gives them a much more realistic touch. And of course this improvement is only available for Vista, as I already said, they know how to take advantage of what is considered their strong point. Is this reason enough for many users to switch to the new OS?

Source | MacAddicts

The image comparison in more details | Gizmodo

The video of the week


I'm not one of those who like political topics, and mixing them with technology sounds strange. But the comparison made with the parody was original.

Fund of the Week


Click here to download the background.

This background is courtesy of Lineup Wallpapers .

Oh oh, I think I saw a cute kitten!

kittyOne thing that has always seemed curious to me is the way they call the different versions of Mac OS X, all with names of big cats. Apparently there is a reason, or a very strange coincidence.

To explain it well we have to go back in time 10 years, towards the end of '97. A British man named Shaye made clones of Macs, that is, computers that ran the OS. At the time of version 8 of this, around December, it was possible to stop it. The curious thing about this is their products, the names were something like, Lion 200, Panther 200, Tiger 200, Leopard 200, Jaguar 200, Puma 200, Cheetah 200 and Lynx 200.

Years later, Apple releases new versions of the operating system, and it seems that the name only by numbers must have bored them. They release Mac OS 5 Leopard.

Does it sound like there's a cat in the bag here? It's strange how they coincide, or is it more than a coincidence? Decide for yourselves.

Source | TUAW

Comparison | EveryMac

What a Pythia! gives you Flickr PRO accounts!!!

As we all know, Flickr is an online photo management system that combines the traditional functions of a digital archive (since it classifies photos by category, allows you to write author profiles and also send images by email with comments) with some tools more typical of digital image processing programs (such as thematic mosaics, the selection of sensitive areas in the photos or their rotations).

Flickr is the best system in the world for storing and sharing digital photos online, and a Flickr PRO account is the best you can ask for.

In Que Pytia! A contest is being held in which you will have to demonstrate your love for the site by making it known. For that, just look for some medium, it could be with an artistic work, a TV spot, posters, newspaper ads, among many other things. It is worth mentioning that it is important to show people what Que Pitia is! , in a clear and simple way.

From March 11 to April 21 at 10:00 p.m. CLST you will have time to participate by sending your works to the site, which will be published so that the public can appreciate them. To conclude, the three best works will be chosen and will be awarded with a Flickr Pro account for each of the winners.

More information

  • Competition rules
  • What a Pythia!

Giving the 3D effect of Vista to XP


We had already talked about the Vista Transformation Pack , which allowed us to give our computer the appearance of the latest Microsoft OS and some comments asked about this three-dimensional effect. Here we can easily have it in xp through Madotate.

Its handling is quite simple once it is adapted. First of all we are going to see a small trapezoid-shaped symbol next to the minimize button in each window. By clicking on it we will be able to appreciate the effect and thus be able to change the place where we place each window by dragging them with the left click, and modify their position with the right mouse button.

To install it, after downloading the file below, we must open it and run the .reg file, and then madotate.exe. Another feature of Vista without consuming so many resources and that works quite well.

Source | Geek Point

Download | Madotate


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